Nomad Academy

The Problem

Being a forward-thinking company providing the necessary skill-set to launch brands, the Nomad Academy required a full face lift from logo & branding to website development. They found their previous website run it's course and with a tonne of alumni-based content, became hard to manage. They required a fully bespoke CMS to publish a multitude of content filtered through different funnels.

Our Solution

Brand Strategy
Logo Redesign
Website Design
Website Analytics

We re-ignited the Nomad brand with a fresh logo and bold identity. A fully integrated website allows them to easily showcase their recent adventures and testimonials from their tribe.

Our project began mapping out the original website, breaking it down section-by-section before running analytics on each area to see what was working and what needed fine-tuning or thrown away.

the Results

Taking a birds-eye view on the scope of work allowed us to refine a content-dense site through easily manageable areas thus giving the user a seamless journey to the end-goal of converting premium leads. The company now has a Digital Visual Guideline that allows them to create even more content via preset templates, colour & font schemes and more via a shared IA system.


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fonts 2


Nomad Academy