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Our direct marketing strategy provides a turn-key solution to driving more traffic towards your business.

Through our bespoke AI toolkit, we help maximise revenue through targeted conversation, generating high value prospects whilst increasing the life span of existing clients.


Our Approach

Covered Platforms

We have an expert team of sales data scientists, growth hackers, creators & marketeers. Combine this with our super-intelligent AI automation technology gives us the ability to leverage cost-effective campaigns with clear ROI.

Our path to success is simple:

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Continue reading to learn more about our 4D process.


Our 4D Process

Although every project is unique, our 4D process provides the framework to your bespoke customer acquisition machine. We map your business KPI's around our fundamental approach to ensure efficiency in the creation of our first-class product.



  • On-Boarding
  • Strategy


  • Creation
  • Digital


  • Marketing
  • Promotion


  • Management
  • Dashboard

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To lay the right foundations around your business model, we learn from the outside in to create your perfect customer profile. Our initial audit will allow us to clarify your brand message and it's product/offering alongside the features and benefits that come part of the parcel.

Outline Objectives
We create milestones of your campaign and target a set of goals around your agreed timeline. During this stage we will create your account and set up the necessary assets to drive the project forward.

Project Planning
We use Trello as a simple way to manage each stage of the project, a tool for collaboration and proofing. This stage allows us to breakdown the project roadmap whilst keeping the team on the same page. Sign up and learn more here.


Our Sales Funnel experts will work seamlessly beside you in creating a unique strategy and offering to ensure the highest of conversion rates.

Research & Insight
We’ll take time to understand your potential growth opportunities that may result in increasing your business revenue and customer loyalty.

Our guidance ensures your brand carries a Unique Value Proposition for our campaign to be effective & efficient. We will identify the products/services you want to promote to ensure we deliver the desired outcome.

Technical Review
To gain technical guidance on in-house platforms and system set-up. We will include a level of consultation to ensure the platforms in use allow best efficiency in our work. You will be provided all necessary logins to monitor the campaign.

This stage includes a full social landscape audit.


The first stage in Design is to help package and optimise your product service/offering based on your business goals & customer needs.

Landing Page
Be it a domain on our server or built into your current site, our Landing Pages are optimised for maximum conversion rates, customised around the required data we capture from the lead. This is our main Sales Funnel for converting leads into prospects and includes bespoke graphic design, copywriting and lots more.


Following your Brand Guidlines, our studio will develop your downloadable asset, our tool in attracting your ideal customer into the 4D life-cycle.


We begin our marketing campaign by mapping out the Conversation & Sales Funnel. This gives the opportunity to preempt common objections and allow for rebuttals to guide the Lead down our chosen path.

Through our bespoke targeting methods and licensed contact databases, we will spark conversation with high-value potential prospects and begin engagement. Increasing the ratio of ideal customers will increase average customer spend & repeat purchasing whilst decreasing the cost of acquiring new customers.

Our AI Toolkit leverages the power of automation technology to provide a full-cycle follow up process whilst nurturing potential, new and existing customers.


We offer a host of ways in which you can promote your sales funnel. Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are amongst our key platforms and typically generate the highest ROI against their competitors. You set the ad budget and we’ll deliver the return on investment.

Advertising will send leads to your Sales Funnel from relevant traffic sources whilst our AI does the leg-work in engagement.


Upon launch of our Marketing & Advertising campaign, we deploy our Sales Funnel machine. The refining of a funnel is endless; there will always be new ways to nurture the conversation and improve your conversion rate. We use split-testing to optimise cost-per-lead whilst our re-targeting campaign follows the lead around the internet prompting for engagement.

We manage on-going sales funnel management to nurture leads and build relationship equity. This increases the lifetime value of prospects and ongoing customer acquisition.


Our unique 4D Dashboard provides you a platform in which to manage your lead stream. In here you'll be able to gain an overview of conversations and at what stage the lead is at, in here you can track success rates, monitor analytics and gain a better understanding of your customer.

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Sales Funnels

From the first time a prospect hears about your business until the moment they make their first purchase from you, they pass through different stages of your sales funnel. Our Marketing Campaigns can include the following activities.

Click Funnels

Click Funnels appear in a number of different shapes & sizes, we find the most effective in both practicality & cost being a website landing page. We deploy additional messages dependant on what we find in our Define stage


Landing Pages are a great way to generate awareness about the product or service that you have to offer by presenting a refined message with the option of added value in design and interaction.


Whilst capturing leads is great, what's even better is the ability to qualify them.

We provide custom forms allowing you to collect specific data about the customer to maximise the prospecting value.

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Mobile is the future of online. 50% of all Internet users are mobile. Over 84% of Facebook users access Facebook from a mobile device.

Having the ability to advertise to your audience direct on their devices they use every day allows for maximum engagement and with the likes of Facebook's family of Apps (Instagram/Messenger), gives us the ability to cross pollinate our efforts whilst managing everything under one roof.

Covered Platforms

Targeted Advertising

Our most targeted for of advertising is through Social Media. As we get to know your customer, we refine our search to maximise engagement

Grow your email list

You can utilise the likes of Facebook’s “lead ad” forms to capture email contacts through Facebook ads. This activity fuels our email marketing efforts.

Measurable ROI

There is no guessing with Social Advertising. The results are measurable and numbers speak for themselves.


Let's look at Facebook, it now has over 2 BILLION monthly active users. That's enough to tell us where we can find the majority of your target audience and our AI Toolkit will help find them on a massive scale.

Messenger Marketing is like having your own personal online front of desk that never sleeps. Being an early adopter of Messenger Marketing will give you a huge advantage over your competition.

With open rates of 88% and CTR’s of 56%. Consider this as the equivalent to the dawn of email marketing in the 1990’s!

Brand New Innovation

Gain a huge advantage over your competition, Currently Messenger Marketing communications receives staggering open rates of 88% & CTR's of 56%.

Automate Responses

Raise the quality and efficiency of your customer service with simple automation processes, faster and more interactively with pictures, videos or files.

Preferred Channel

With over 2 Billion monthly users you can build your messenger subscriber lists allowing you to reach your followers with broadcasts where they will see it.

Notifications & Alerts

By using Messenger Marketing you can send your customers important information or updates in real time, reaching them on their smartphone lock screen.

Our Email Marketing campaigns stem from a tried and tested method. Based around our Sales Cycle, through direct communication, we're leading your prospect to the gate.

With a range of communication benefits, our AI Toolkit allows us to increase efficiency in CTR's whilst keeping the customer engaged and aware of your service/offering.

Direct, One-To-One Contact

Our email campaigns are built around our conversation strategy to lead way to more direct communication.

We monitor our email campaigns through analytics to ensure full optimisation.

Metric Monitoring

Our bespoke multi touch point email campaigns have a 300% improvement on average open rates.

This helps keep the prospect in our cycle increasing the buying opportunity.

Automate Sales Meetings

We provide expert assistance for B2B companies through our email automation.

This saves you the time & cost attached to your sales team whilst channeling your appointments in a manageble form.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Business professionals get on average 84 emails a day, so it's our job to ensure your voice is heard amongst the crowd.

Our message provides a personal touch whilst adhering to your brand guidelines to instill customer trust and loyalty.



What is marketing automation

Marketing automation is a powerful marketing and sales tool that turns otherwise manual tasks, like sending out emails, tracking data, and lead generation into an entirely automated process.

Marketing automation allows you to filter prospects through a sales funnel with minimal time and resources spent, and maximum returns.

What is the cost of a sales funnel

The cost of our sales funnels is separated into 3 stages – Funnel Creation, Funnel Promotion and Funnel Management.

Funnel creation is everything from the strategy planning, design, content writing and layout of the funnel.

Funnel Promotion is the paid element of the campaign that drives traffic to your funnel.

Funnel Management is the on-going monitoring of the sales funnel, along with any required changes.

Our starting packages begin at £1,200 with tailored solutions provided in bespoke packages.

Can i set this up myself?

Yes, of course. We always recommend using the 4D Leads Funnel as a platform to build your sales funnels. Our clients come to us because they simply don’t have the time to design, optimise and monitor a sales funnel.

Our strategy is the difference between a funnel that simply exists and one that brings in a ton of revenue. We take the time to get the right strategy in place to ensure you see the results you deserve.

How involved do clients have to be?

As involved as you like. Some of our clients are talented content writers, who work with us to optimise their content. Others have experience in paid advertising.

We encourage input from our clients at all stages. However, if you want to hand over all management to the sales funnel experts (that’s us!), that’s not a problem. We’ll keep you in the loop at all stages of the process to ensure you are happy with your return.


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