Human Traffic - Live



London, UK

Twenty years on from the launch of this 1999 cult classic, a brand-new immersive adaptation of Human Traffic is coming to London. A mind-melting manifestation of the film and the 90’s era with a surreal trip or two along the way.



The Problem

The Human Traffic Live team required a completely immersive brand experience to coincide with their live show.

From initial branding, website design & e-commerce to fully fledged marketing activities, it was important for the brand to launch with a bang, across the nation.

With 90,000 people spanning 18 days, in one of London's most exciting venues, our team had to pull out all the stops on this one!

Services Rendered

Social Media Management
Social Advertising
Website Design
Event Marketing
Email Marketing
Brand colours

Our Solution

Our campaign, spanning 1 year, required a multitude of brand assets. We began by brand creation, aligning the identity through logo positioning and scalable design with a long-term strategy of brand development.

Using brand guidelines, we injected the identity into a fully optimised CMS website which allowed them to upload events, news and much more. Our set-up phase included the creation of social pages and advertising platforms, email optimisation and management software to ensure they had the tools to expand.Our campaign included a content creation spanning the series of events which we're funnelled through their social pages utilising our in-house social management tools.

"This project was as Time Out said 'dementedly ambitious’ one that both theatre and clubland had ever seen before."

Our day-1 launch included a fully branded fleet of London buses & taxis with exclusive DJ sets & Live acts being conducted within, streamed to the masses. Working alongside the A Lost Weekend team gave us the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the Industry, creating content inline with their brand values.

Human Traffic - Live



The Results

Late in November 2019 the ticket line was launched to vast amounts of press coverage, this project had all the ingredients to be THE live series of the year. Doors were due to open on May 18th 2020. Sadly like many other productions, Covid-19 claimed A Lost Weekend as another victim of the entertainment industry.

A Lost Weekend aims to relaunch, in the meantime, it has successfully kept brand loyalty alive with one of the most successful live streams of the lockdown, which saw Pablo Hassan, aka Carl Cox, return. 15,000 people live-streamed Carl's homage to the era and the film, within one week 635,000 restreams of the set, and that number is still rising. When it is safe to do so, A Lost Weekend will return, and it promises to be everything it wad intended to be and more. Until then, more live streams are in planning. Keep Watching.