Disruptive build Spanish Property Partnership

Disruptive build Spanish Property Partnership
August 3, 2020

Over the course of Summer 2020, the Disruptive team had the opportunity to cross the pond to help build a business & brand from the ground up.

Luxe Property Partnership are a property finder and acquisition company based on the beautiful island of Mallorca. They needed to create a brand from the ground up to gain stature whilst leaving a social footprint across the island.

First, we had to gain an understanding of the business module and it's goals. We helped define the brand message whilst creating a persona of their customer, this allowed us to idenitfy from an early start, which tools will be our main priority and the types of content we will focus our efforts around.


Through research & insight we created a Brand Identity that appeals to their customer type, with a modern yet classic feel, we began building their website from laying out the intial sitemap to structuring content.

When working on a multi-faceted campaign, beginning with website design allows us to not only gain all the necessary information to make more informed decisions across the board, but also allows us to educate our clients on best practise for information architecture, the process of on-boarding a client (with the help of some automation along the way!) and provide motivation into thinking about how the brand is portrayed to the user, the message being put across.

During the build process, we created a multitude of back-end forms and automated messaging through our 4D Toolkit, this meant by the time we executed our marketing drive, we already had the necassary funnels in place to ensure leads were being converted to prospects in the most (cost)efficient manner.

By conclusion of the site itself, our Approach had already provided the necessary brand assets to wrap out the digital landscape identity. We created sleek, stand-out designs to cover all the required Social Meida platforms, create branded documents & email signatures, whilst providing content templates to grow a beautiful feed to engage with their audience.

Once the machine was switched on, leads begun flowing through our funnels and we look forward to seeing the companies growth over the coming months. If you'd like help growing a business from the ground up or simply update your existing image, get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.


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