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Our 4D Approach


How we work

Our PPC & Paid Media strategy provides a turn-key solution to driving more traffic towards your business.

We are data driven. Our test-planning and creativity help reach the people that matter most to your brand. We help maximise revenue through targeted advertising, generating high value engagement all the way through to conversion.


Our Approach

To increase relevant traffic to the website and increase conversions.

To build brand awareness and drive interest towards the your website. We achieve this by:

  • Conversion rate optimisation techniques (CRO) to turn more visits into sales.
  • Using paid search (PPC & Facebook/Instagram) to deliver almost instant brand visibility to our target audiences.

Our path to success is simple:

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Our 4D Process



  • On-Boarding
  • Strategy


  • Creation
  • Digital


  • PPC
  • Paid Media


  • Management
  • Dashboard

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To lay the right foundations around your business model, we learn from the outside in to create your perfect customer profile. Our initial audit will allow us to clarify your brand message and it's product/offering alongside the features and benefits that come part of the parcel.

Outline Objectives
We create milestones of your campaign and target a set of goals around your agreed timeline. During this stage we will create your account and set up the necessary assets to drive the project forward.

Project Planning
This stage allows us to breakdown the project roadmap whilst keeping the team on the same page. The campaign needs will revolve around our monthly timeline to manage each moving part.

Analytics Audit
To ensure accurate reporting and measurement of success metrics, such as sales, leads, sign-ups and other macro conversions.


During our strategy phase, we will refine our roadmap to success, through the means of promoting your site using Google AdWords (PPC). Within these campaigns, we would deliver relevant messages to customers based upon their search requests. Our goal is to drive traffic to the website very quickly and provide us with valuable data on the sites user journey and the demographic of your users.

Research & Insight
We’ll take time to understand your potential growth opportunities that may result in increasing your business revenue and customer loyalty

This stage includes a full website & social audit.


Analysing the data from our Define stage gives us the right information on User Behaviour utilising our collection of data tracking tools. This process allows for us to provide calculated recommendations to the websites Userflow. From these changes, we provide a better user experience and increase conversions.

During this stage, we begin the creation of your Adwords campaign, laying the foundations to our targeting methods.


We will help enhance your current landing pages, geared towards maximum conversion rates, customised around the required data we capture from the lead.

This activity gives us the opportunity to explore individual keywords/phrase and will provide direct benefits to the websites SEO.

During this stage, we provide an audit on your funnel automation to ensure leads are being captured in the correct manner.


Once our PPC campaign is ready to be switched-on. We will manage and control the budget to ensure the right keywords are generating leads at a profitable cost. During our PPC term we will continue to develop our Strategy based on our findings whilst focusing our efforts on long-term optimisation.

Paid Media

In a similar fashion to our PPC campaign, we will utilise Facebook's Business Suite to manage social media advertising. The campaign will be focused on Facebook & Instagram.

We will combine both messaging to provide a unique and engaging user journey all the way from acquisition to sale.


With the campaign's green light, we begin our monthly management. Content optimisation will be our main focus in our bid to reduce cost per acquisition. From the data in which the campaign provides, we will continue to refine targeting to specific products and audiences in-line with our content plan.

We will constantly monitor and adapt our campaign to suit the targeted user, this may include suggestions to increase the websites userflow.


Each campaign will be followed up with our reporting system so you can view analytics specific to each platform and see stats on your growth.

You will also be provided with a G-Drive folder which will be shared in your personal Google drive containing all the content we create on a monthly basis.

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Total time 3 Months +
Week 1
Define + Design
Week 2
Months 1-2


This plan gives a draft outline of what activities will be taking place and when. (Please view on Desktop)

Week 1

Week 2

Month 1-2

Implementation & Measurement

Site Analytics & full Audit
Client to implement website optimisation suggestions
Implement PPC task list
Testing & Optimisation (ongoing)

Paid Search (PPC)

Account set-up
Campaign build & launch
Content optimisation to reduce cost per acquisition
Refine targeting to specific products and audiences in-line with content plan

Paid Media (Facebook/Instagram)

Account set-up
Campaign build & launch
Content optimisation to reduce cost per acquisition
Refine targeting to specific products and audiences in-line with content plan

Content Strategy

Content planning
Content publishing (ongoing)


Report template & dashboard setup
Reports published monthly
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Campaign Terms


  • Ad Campaign Set-up
  • Ad Spend Management & Campaign Optimisation
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly Report

PPC & Paid Media Campaign for 3+ months.


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