Our 4d Approach

Website Design & Development


We design and develop fully scalable, CMS websites. Our sites are coded using semantic HTML5/CSS.

Pages are designed to adapt to the size and orientation of the screen using CSS3 media queries, resulting in compatibility across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Upon completion you will be provided a 'how to' guide plus 24/7 maintenance and security.


Our 4d Approach

We use a tried and tested method on a website build of this size. A fundamental approach to ensure we deliver a first class product. Each stage of our approach is broken down into a timeline with deliverables, this allows for sign-off at the completion of each stage and ensures efficiency due to constraints in time.


  • On-Boarding
  • Outline Objectives
  • Project Planning
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Audience Evaluation
  • Technical Review


  • Brand Review
  • Brainstorming
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Creative Design
  • Technical Specification


  • Template Creation
  • Atomic Design & Development
  • CMS Integration
  • Content Migration
  • Technical Testing
  • Onsite SEO


  • User Testing
  • Analytics
  • Soft Launch
  • Training
  • Go LIVE
  • Evaluation

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To lay the foundations of the project with required information including the set-up of communication platforms, shared drives and folder architecture. We begin with a focus group with your team to outline the websites functional needs and aid in organisation set up.

Outline Objectives
With the information provided, we set up a list of goals, milestones towards completion, taking into consideration our schedule of work.

Project Planning
We use a bespoke Digital Project Document, as a simple way to manage each stage of the project, a tool for collaboration and proofing.

+ The ease of access for anyone, anywhere and on any device.
+ Quicker & Easier to use: Gain access in seconds and use a well-thought-out navigation system to find the assets you need.
+ Brand, Print, Moving Image and Digital, all under one roof.
+ Easily updated and managed centrally - This means your team will never be stuck with an older version and changes in the guideline happen instantly.
+ Download Templates and Assets straight from the page - With links to downloadable PDFs, Source Files and links to shared folders.
+ Secure - With password protection, you can pick and choose who has access to the application and it's shared folders.

Competitor Analysis
We look at competitors and/or websites of a similar quality. We spot emerging trends in the market to allow us to stay ahead of the competition and stand out amongst the crowd.

Audience Evaluation
We collaborate with user insight to identify their needs and what drives them. This aids in content creation, branding and user journey.

Technical Review
To gain technical guidance on in-house platforms and system set-up. We offer consultation to ensure the platforms in use are working to their best ability.


Brand Review
To study what is readily available and how we take it to the next level. We look at the current brand identity, colours and font pairings to create consistency in our design.

Using insight from our brand review, we look at art direction, content ideas, imagery and more.

Information Architecture
This stage is focused on content collation. Using our predetermined folder system (Digital Project Document), we will begin building out the content which will gradually be injected into the sites build.

This is the foundation layout of your site, a basic frame to which we inject our branding guideline and content. We pay close consideration to the content creation stages and how it will be laid out best within the site to maximise engagement.

Creative Design
As part of our branding process, we take all the information and design we have created and begin feeding it into the wire-frames of the site to mock-up how the website looks and behaves, this stage provides us with a clear route of identity. We include a round of reviews before signing off and moving into the build of the site.


Template Creation
Once the websites design has been signed-off, we then begin to create templates for each individual page of the site. We begin with the homepage, bringing the page to life with interactive elements.

Atomic Design & Development
This stage is where we look at the finer details that built up to the full site. This includes buttons (and hover effects), navigation drop-downs, article modules, CMS content (news) layout and more.

CMS Integration
Our bespoke CMS gives you full control of your website management. From uploading imagery and changing text, to publishing news articles and uploading new projects. Everything is tailored to suit your needs.

You will be provided your own account and dashboard, an easy and seamless way to manage all content.

Technical Testing
We ensure the site is fully functional across all platforms and devices. We build our websites in the latest software to keep ahead of the curve.

Onsite SEO
To aid in search-ability, we create a full site audit. We ensure keywords are set within the right headings, metadata is added (open-graph for social), images have alt tags and more. We will provide a full list of onsite SEO activity within our objectives outline in phase 1.


User Testing
Together as a team and as part of a full review, squashing bugs and making the final tweaks.

We provide full set-up via Google Analytics and Search Console to track site performance and in-depth user analytics. We create bespoke data dashboards to easily monitor your websites success.

We provide full training to ensure your teams confidence in using our platform to manage content. Our support is 24/7, so if something breaks, we'll be right on top of it,

Soft Launch
At this stage, we are in a great position to begin the upload of the site to your preferred domain. This will include any additional internal setup that may have been prevented prior to transferal.

Full website launch and promotion.

We finalise by bench-marking the project, to open discussion into our additional services on content marketing, external SEO and social media.



When it comes to branding, we focus on emerging-trends to ensure a long-term site design inline with your Brand Guidelines.

We migrate all necessary content from existing portals and create an integrated platform spanning the front-end content maintenance, back-end CMS & API. As a user, you will have your own account to login in and update/maintain your website.

We will create a brand guideline document which is a result of our research and insight into how the website will look and act. This process includes a think tank session whereas we decide on a strong brand identity taking into consideration the current market state and emerging trends.

We combine colour theory with business. The colours we agree to will create emotion and influence decision making. As part of our brand guidelines, we will provide a thought-out colour system including Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours.

We have a network of approved writers. We'll identify the perfect writer for your brief. Not only that, your copy will be fully proofread, formatted, and in most cases, delivered in under 48 hours.

Working alongside you and your team, we will source what we believe to be the most impactful imagery to compliment our design.

We focus heavily on each sites assets including icons, shapes, buttons and interactions. The finer details enhance user journey and ease of use.

There's an art form to font pairings, which we present within our brand guidelines. Great typography can have a dramatic impression on the user and it's important that it has a true feeling of authority plus full eligibility when read.

A choice of graceful animation strengthen the mood and identity of the brand whilst ensuring our websites have modern appeal, inline with the latest trends.

Animation aids in customer journey, signalling the user where to click and progress. Using animation like this is especially helpful for mobile sites, where screen space is always limited.



We love seeing our creations reach further across the web. Our winning formula Disrupts the social landscape to ensure you rank higher on the likes of Google and Bing.

Our SEO Services

  • Adwords/Adsense/PPC
  • Link Building
  • URL Architecture
  • Lead Generation
  • On-site Activity
  • Keyword Research


To increase brand authority we create full audits on Google Business, Places and Google + to improve search results, aid in testimonials/reviews and add needed information to the user.


Hosting & Maintenance

Webflow Hosting gives you access to the fastest and most scalable hosting technology. With over 100 data centres and servers, when you publish with Webflow, your files are distributed across the globe in a content distribution network (CDN) powered by Fastly and Amazon Cloudfront. Which means fast page loads for all your visitors — no matter where they come from.

It allows us to use SSL certificates for every site, providing the security and SEO benefits over the major players.

Amongst many other things it allows us to install new fonts, create back-ups of previous versions of the site and the automation of form entry forwarding to your email and/or CRM system.

Maintenance & Support
Our after-care service includes 1 full-day training and unlimited technical support/bug fixing per month.

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