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Our 4D Approach


Our Approach

Covered Mediums

Making brands explode online is our mission statement and through this we have gained a wealth of knowledge, crossing boundaries from corporate entities to local start-ups giving ourselves an edge on the competition.and it's shared folders.

Our team adapt our approach to suit your needs and this is reiterated through our clientele, having grown brand awareness within several industries and ranging service across Branding, Internal Communications, Digital/Social Identity, Print and Advertisements. Typical deliverables include;

+ Logo Design & Development
+ Development of Public and Internal Logo Usage Guidelines.
+ Development of Public and Internal Use Visual Identity Guidelines.

Creating a visual identity to span a wide range of mediums, we take Brand Guideline's into the digital world, offering numerous benefits including;

+ The ease of access for anyone, anywhere and on any device.
+ Quicker & Easier to use: Gain access in seconds and use a well-thought-out navigation system to find the assets you need.
+ Brand, Print, Moving Image and Digital, all under one roof.
+ Easily updated and managed centrally - This means your team will never be stuck with an older version and changes in the guideline happen instantly.
+ Download Templates and Assets straight from the page - With links to downloadable PDFs, Source Files and links to shared folders.
+ Secure - With password protection, you can pick and choose who has access to the application and it's shared folders.


Our 4D Process

We use a tried and tested method on a website build of this size. A fundamental approach to ensure we deliver a first class product. Each stage of our approach is broken down into a timeline with deliverables, this allows for sign-off at the completion of each stage and ensures efficiency due to constraints in time.



  • On-Boarding
  • Project Planning
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Audience Evaluation
  • Brand Review


  • Voice, Tone & Style
  • UX
  • Logo Concepts & Design
  • Creative Design
  • Colour


  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Idea
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Voice


  • Analytics
  • Information Architecture
  • Communications
  • Go LIVE
  • Evaluation

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To lay the foundations of the project with required information including the set-up of communication platforms, shared drives and folder architecture. We begin with a focus group with you and your team to outline the campaigns needs and aid in organisation set up.

Outline Objectives
With the information provided, we set up a list of goals, milestones towards completion, taking into consideration our timeline.

Project Planning
We use Trello as a simple way to manage each stage of the project, a tool for collaboration and proofing. This stage allows us to breakdown the project roadmap and ensure we are all on the same page.

Research & Insight
Drawing from past experience and upcoming trends, we set the stage before moving into our creative process.

Technical Review
To gain technical guidance on in-house platforms and system set-up. We will include a level of consultation to ensure the platforms in use allow best efficiency in our work. You will be provided all necessary logins to monitor the campaign, this includes our bespoke Project Document which will lead to different assets and elements of the campaign.


Brand Review
In this stage we identify the character in which the brand wants to present. We set our brand values from the start to provide direction on development.

Using insight from our brand review, this stage we look at art direction, content ideas, imagery and more. We become consumed in your sector and look at things from a user perspective to see what drives us to take action.

Logo Concepts & Design
We create something memorable. Your logo is the iconic mark you leave in the consumers mind. We help reflect the essence of your service and deliver an instantly recognisable calling-card.

A predetermined number of logo concepts will allow us to gauge interest and learn what drives the users emotion in the best way. We keep scalability in mind, providing variations of concepts to understand how it behaves visually.

Once concepts have been finalised. we conduct several rounds of review to identity each concepts strengths and weaknesses before creating a path to the final piece.

We combine colour theory with business. The colours we agree to will create emotion and influence decision making. As part of our brand guidelines, we will provide a thought-out colour system including Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours. Repetition of these colours strengthen brand awareness.

Logo Usage
Upon sign-off of the Logo concepts and their derivatives, we save out the assets in all required formats. We provide a Logo Usage document as a guideline on spacing, colour and misuse. We provide the Logo in text and icon variations alongside horizontal and vertical design.


Brand Positioning
We define the brand and where it stands in terms of business. The brand's strategic position lays the foundations of it's identity and sets the stage for development.

Brand Idea
We look at how the brand behaves in both a digital and print space. Using our mission statement, we create mood boards to give a visual understanding of what those words means to us and the consumer. In this stage will look to create something signature to the brand, a symbol that stands out amongst our creative design which will feature prominently throughout the brands identity.

Brand Identity
We begin with key components whilst delving into atomic design to lay the foundations to the visual identity. We broaden our colour palette to compliment the logo alongside an on-brand selection of fonts with key focus on hierarchy.

To create a mood, we look into photography and how we keep in consistency. We create filters and templates for photography use to ensure the identity lifestyle feels the same across all platforms.

To compliment the brand design, we also provide full Iconography sets, an array of on-brand symbols can play a key role in discovery and should act prominently across digital platforms.

All assets are provided in a number of required formats including source files to design and motion video alongside templates and mock-ups relating to the brand experience.

Brand Experience
From website design, to social branding and print we develop the brand across all angles to truly visualise the identity coming to life! In this stage we consult on internal communications to ensure coverage across documents such as letterheads and business cards.

We also look at merchandise in terms of clothing, stationary and more to excel the brand integrity and leave a lasting impression.

Brand Voice

Our brand voice defines us. The way we speak, our tonality, will reflect the brands personality. We create a guide on copy structure and general principles.


Information Architecture
As we draw closer to completion, we begin the next stage of our Project Document, transforming into our Digital Visual Guidelines (DVG). We provide login access to an online space which covers all elements of the campaign and provides firm understanding of brand usage.

As part of our 4D approach, the online platform links to all necessary assets within the campaign including shared drives for sources files, fonts and additional guidelines for social media.

Upon final sign-off, we begin to roll out the completed campaign and spend time to ensure complete competence in brand usage across those that will have access to the content intially.

Go Live
Launch of all assets publicly and internally.

We finalise by bench-marking the project, evaluating the campaigns success to understand how we progress. We also open discussion for additional activity within the campaign.