Disruptive launch a 4D immersive event with Unique Experiences

Disruptive launch a 4D immersive event with Unique Experiences
August 18, 2018

The Disruptive collective have joined forces with the formidable Unique Experiences to bring to life a new experience coming to Essex this Autumn.

House Of Horror - Press Release

Decaying in the depths of Brentwood, a blood-soaked path draws you towards a grand house. . Abandoned. Desolate. Disturbing. Only the bravest should enter.

Welcome to House of Horror, a new and groundbreaking immersive experience with a cast of highly-trained actors ready to twist and turn you through film-grade sets designed by the best, to do their worst.

Spirits are awoken and nightmares are realised as you embark on your battle through 12 rooms of sheer torture. These are YOUR darkest fears so prepare to take centre stage in scenes reminiscent of Hollywood's most terrifying films where you become the victim… are you brave enough to step inside?

Fight your way through each zone of terror as the house throws up a chilling array of physical and psychological challenges. You'll find yourself exorcising a demon as you witness a possessed girls head twist 360 degrees, or take a wrong turning down Macabre Maze and meet a very sinister fate.

With areas including Sci-Fi-Die, Krow Killers, and Medical Madness, you'll join forces with up to 10 friends to see who can make it out alive! Should you survive the ordeal, you will have the choice to enter the mysterious Room 13, a room so intense, visitors are required to sign a waiver before entering because of the torture endured inside.

Should you survive the ordeal, you’ll have the option of receiving a video of the whole experience as filmed on your own GoPro, have photos taken in a specially themed booth complete with gory props as well as visit the weird and wonderful gift shop. Guests can also revel in the fight of others by spectating live on Fright Vision, while plenty of street food and refreshments will be available to help you level your nerves and bring your adrenaline levels back down to normal.

This is the most complete and crazy, unforgettable and unique spooktacular experience in the country... dare you enter the House of Horror?

For more information and tickets, visit the website at www.houseofhorror.co.uk

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