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Easy social media hack for service-based businesses

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Easy social media hack for service-based businesses

As social media usage has increased, so too has evolved the manner in which platforms are used. Nowadays, facebook's desire to be utilised as an information resource has caused for developments within its algorithm to benefit posts which end users find useful. In a social context, users now more than ever seek guidance and recommendations from friends when making everyday purchases, both for their businesses and personal items. Outside of letting friends know exactly what you company does in the hope they'll tag you when they see a post from someone asking to recommend website designers, for example, how can you engage with people of your own accord?

Despite many users complaining of lower engagement and stagnant growth, twitter is still an optimal tool for users to search advice on products and services, tweeting requirements and listening to followers suggestions. Its search capabilities range from basic keyword search in the easily visible toolbar at the top, to advanced search settings which allow users to search by multiple keywords, locations, dates and more. If you're a graphic designer, for example, you could optimise search for keywords like "Logo" "designer" within the last few days in English language. For a location specific business, such as a restaurant based in York, you could search "food" "recommendation" within a 5 mile radius of York within the last few weeks. Once the results are uploading, beginning a dialogue with these people allows a warm lead.

Facebook's basic search capability is similar. We're all used to seeing our friends regularly ask for advice and find ourselves thinking "surely you can find this out on google?" Psychologically, however, people are more relaxed in a social media environment and thus more inclined to trust advise in this context. Simply enter your relevant keywords in the top search bar and refine search to "latest" to search through posts mentioning your keywords. In a search i ran on "website designer," amongst designers half-heartedly pitching for help from friends to spread their business i found no fewer than 12 individual posts within the last 24 hours from people seeking the services of a web designer.

The beauty of such action, of course, is that you could literally do it from your bed. An hour spent each day in pursuit of warm leads in such a way opens up a world of potential clients. Implementing this social media hack into your business development strategy can deliver huge rewards for minimal output, with no cost other than your time.

For help on business development strategy using social media, contact Loui@Disruptivesocialclub.com.

Easy social media hack for service-based businesses